Other sites will allow any girl to advertise, even if they have many bad reviews, obviously fake pictures, and they really belong in a brothel. If you advertise on such sites, you risk decreasing the quality of your brand, as you naturally become associated with other ladies of less quality. With us, you never need to worry about this!

Please Note: We do not offer a photographic service. We expect your photos to be of an professional nature. If you need us to blurr certain areas like your eyes or face we are happy to do so. We need at least 1 wide (landscape) photo and between 3 to 6 portrait photos. There are many examples on the website on what we require. We simply will not place your photos if they are of a ponograhic nature. This not a porn site.

The cost of a listing is R600 per month and not all listings will be accepted. Do not even try and send us fakes, because we will pick it up. In some cases we understand that you privacy is important and therefore please indicate which areas of your body needs to be blurred by us.

To contact us phone, sms or Whatsapp 083 456 2864